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2007 in reflection

Yep, it's that time of the year again where I reflect on the past year - the good, the bad and the plain ugly! public post under cutCollapse )

I'd like to wish everyone a very happy new year. I hope 2008 is what you are all hoping for.

New Year reflection

Here we are again, the end of another year. Reading my post last year, 2006 has pretty much been like 2005 on many fronts. As this is a public post, there's many things I can't go into. Some of you will know more things then others, but lets see what can be covered. cut for lengthCollapse )

Thank you for reading. All comments will be screened, and anonymous comments are disabled (sorry to those of you sent here via my blog on MySpace .. you can comment on there though).

Finally, I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. I hope 2007 is good for you all.


In a rare public post, I wanted to share the email below with everyone. It's got alot of truth in it, and the part in bold I think has the most truth to it.

put under cutCollapse )


Birthday Calculator

This link was emailed through to me today, and I think it's pretty cool :) So I put my birthday in and this is what it came up withCollapse )

It has to be said, I certainly live upto my Life path number (3) LOL

*EDIT @ 22.35*

Actually, I'm very much like the tree too ... am making this a public post :p

Happy 2nd Birthday :D

I've been writing this post for a few days now, mainly so I can get it right as it's a rare public post.

So, my journal is 2 years old today! I honestly didn't think my blogging would become such a huge part of my life .. neither did I expect to meet some wonderful people on here either *mwah* As I briefly covered my first year last year, I thought I'd just cover the past 12 months. and what a year it's been!Collapse )


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Credit to lunatic_the_7th for the FO banner

Oooh ... in 2 weeks time :D

Got my coach ticket sorted out this morning to J's ... I go on the night bus on March 3rd from Burnley and come home on the night bus on March 6th :D Already planned to treat each other on the Sunday ... brekkie from be at a local French Pattisarie (if that's how you spell it .... and if it's open) called Sable d'Or and J is treating me to dinner at The Ultimate Burger.

Managed to make it to the Bingo this afternoon too, didn't win anything but was most annoyed at being beaten to a full house on the last game! I had 1 number left to come out to win £150! GRRRR

Chinese for dinner tonight then out to the winter league for me and mum. We're using dad as an excuse to get onto the dart board first tonight in the second round ... we play against each other that round and dad kinda needs help with the stairs.

Feeling guilty

I feel that the past few weeks I've been ignoring my friends. I know it's not really the case, working the hours that I have been the last thing I've wanted to do is spend time in front of the PC. But it still feels like I've not been making any effort (not TOTALLY true, but there is some truth in there).

I've been spending some time online, but not really on messenger. When I have then it's mainly been on Yahoo and not MSN. This is due to there being way too many people on MSN, and if I logged on I'd end up with a number on conversations. So if anyone wants to catch me, then for the forseeable future Yahoo is the place to be! The main people I actually speak to these days are on there anyways (at least have a Yahoo ID, not always logged on there). Those of you not on Yahoo and want/need a chat, then please do email/text/call me and I'll either call you or log onto MSN.

I know that there may look as though there's some double standards going on, and I'm also aware that it may look as though I don't "need" any of my friends now that J is on the scene fully. I know that the people who know me well enough will know the truth, most have known me for long enough. Those that don't understand need to get to know me better I guess.

Right now, I really need to get my head around things at home and get life straight at work. Once the overtime calms right down then I'll have the energy to spend a couple of hours in an evening catching up with friends. I really hope it's sooner rather then later ... I so need my friends for support right now and wish that I didn't need to depend on this machine to keep in touch with them.

Dispite this post seeming like I'm justifying myself, I still feel guilty for maybe not giving them the attention they may need. I know what it feels like and it's not nice.

Well, it's been a long and tiring day. Think I'll grab a shower and watch some TV in bed.

Today ...

...hasn't been as bad as expected.

The funeral was ... well, as nice as these things are. Andrew (George's son) did a wonderful speech and didn't shed a single tear. There was a good turn out, not everyone got into the church. This was catered for by using a PA System outseide the church. For me it was just, well, a funeral I guess. I know it sounds awful but for the most of it I felt really uncomfortable. This is due to me not being very religious and spending time in church where hymns are being sung and prayers are being said makes me feel the way I did (doesn't really hold out much hope for me at Em's wedding next year does it, or Sarah's for that matter if she opts for a church). The crem service was very short and sweet, think we were only in there 5 minutes.

Dad is doing well. He had his op this morning and when we got back home at 3.30pm he was in bed sat up. He won't be able to wear his leg for 3-5 weeks (though knowing my dad he'll have it on in 2). They want to change his dressing 2/3 times before he's discharged, so the absolute earliest he'll be out is tomorrow evening. If he's staying in then I'll go on with mum tomorrow evening to visit.

Away from this .. if I get my wage in early (ie on Saturday) then I'm gonna go to Bingo Saturday afternoon in Burnley. Emma at work has shown an interest in going with me, so I've to let her know what I'm going to do. I'm also heading over to Bradford next Saturday, then it's down to London the weekend after so it's kinda all go. Really need to look at the public transport actually for when I head to London, dad won't be able to take me and I can't really depend on mum to run me on. May mean me hanging around Burnley for an hour before my coach is due to leave but it'll have to be done.


Ban on smoking...


report under cutCollapse )

Now, I'm a non-smoker but I think it's quite mad that smoking is being banned in public places. Sure, I hate the smell of smoke on my skin and in my hair after a night out BUT I expect it. It's part of going out.

Maybe I'm being small minded here (and probably opened a can of worms with this post) ... what do other people think??


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